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Organic SEO Packages

Organic SEO

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- Access and view keyword rankings, website traffic reporting, Google SERPs report, and other data.

- Extensive pre-campaign site audit and keyword research, grouping, and mapping.

- Extensive on-page optimization, which includes Google tools integration and testing, web copy writing (1 page,
350 words), and the optimization of up to 5 units of each of tags, headers, meta data, and URLs, among others.

-Rich snippet recommendations including breadcrumbs.

- Local Schema implementation, including Local Business Schemas (Phone, Address, Postal Code, Telephone,


- Maps, Opening Hours), SameAs, Geo + HasMap, and Logo, among others.

- Initial local business setup among the top local business categories and data aggregators plus month-on-month rich media citation building to increase business information consistency.

- Reports

Who fits this package?

Businesses to establish wide online visibility, with free clicks.


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