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Top Tips for Doctors Accepting New Patients

Are you a doctor who is currently accepting new patients?

If you are accepting new patients, this blog post is just for YOU.

If you aren’t accepting new patients, this blog post is not for you. As this blog posts contains high value information on gaining new patients & please see our other blog posts here.

If you’re still reading this tells me, you are accepting new patients. What you are expecting to gain from reading this blog post. Learn how to gain medical patience & how to get patient referrals.

1. Have a Medical Website.

If you are looking to accept new patients, they need to be able to find you in the first place! Patients in 2018 are now turning to the google search engine when it comes to finding their new doctors. Make sure your website is responsive to the mobile phone. This is important because above 90% of internet users are using a mobile device vs desktop.

2. Market your Medical Website

There is a misunderstanding by many people who think by having a website alone it will get seen. This simply is not true. No one will know about your website unless your market your website. If you don’t invest in marketing your medical website you will not be successful in gaining new patients.

You may ask… how do I market my medical website?

Continue reading to find out!

3. Google Adwords

Once your medical site is complete, your next action is to market it with pay per click advertising. Pay per click advertising or (PPC) is the quickest & most economical way to get patients into your waiting rooms. PPC provides comprehensive data and analytics that will allow you to target your type of patients. Google Adwords is the most popular pay per click program on the web. By advertising with Adwords you can get on the first page of Google in a couple of hours. To learn more on pay per click market see here.

4. Medical SEO

SEO is short for search engine optimization. SEO is an algorithm designed by Google that determines how the sites rank when a key word is searched. How it works is google scans the entire web and identifies all the websites and ranks the best links at the top. Google doesn’t disclose 100% of how SEO works to prevent people from taking advantage of their search engine. Let me give you an example. If a user searches for dental and podiatry links pop up. That user may decide to use another search engine. Google has the most accurate search engine results. This is the #1 reason why Google is the leader in the search engine industry and worth 100s of billions of dollars. To learn more about SEO see here.

5. Brand your Website

When your patients click onto your website they should know right away what type of medical specialty you cover. More importantly your brand is your perceived value to your patients. It is also how you separate yourselves from the other doctors. Stand out and get more patients.

6. Local Listings

More then likely your medical website will serve a specific geographical region. For example the town your medical clinic is in or the surrounding cities. There are many websites that allow to post your medical websites, like, and The most important thing to know that Google can tell the difference between a regular search and a local search. When a user searches for physicians on that search results page will show local physicians. To get displayed here is achieved with implemented geographical SEO into your online marketing strategy.

7. Get Patient Referrals

One of the most effective forms of advertising is through social proof. Have your best patients give you a video testimonial. People are much more likely to choose a doctor who is recommended vs one who is not. Simply ask your best patients and offer them a gift in exchange for their review of your medical practice.

8. Email Marketing

For doctors accepting new patients implementing a strong email marketing campaign will bring you more repeat patients. Stay fresh in the minds of your patients by collecting their emails and offer them valuable information via email.

9. Introduce Yourself!

Going back to your medical website you should post real pictures and bios of you and your staff. Seeing is believing when a potential patient can see a face and not just a name you instantly become more relatable. Reliability is often associated with trust. The more trustworthy your medical clinic is perceived the more likely you gain new patients.

10. Contact us

Our purpose in life is to get doctors more patients.

Right now, you are looking to accept more patients.

Let us help you gain more patients and have packed out waiting rooms!

Give us a call at (516) 531-3870 and ask us about our free trial that will get you up to 50 new patients in your first month!



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