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Top 10 Best Medical Website Design Tips Which Convert Leads to Patients

1. Modern Look / Mobile Friendly

It is 2018 and patient’s standards are higher than ever. Especially when it comes to their online experience.

If your website looks dated it will make your practice look like you are in the stone age of medicine. They will more than likely choose a more professional attractive website over an old clunky looking one.

People today now find their doctors online more than anywhere else.

In 2018, over 90% of people searching the internet are using a mobile phone. So, it is a MUST to make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

2. Make Your Contact Information Visible

This should be a no brainer, but many medical practice websites do not do this.

They simply don’t make their contact information visible.

This is probably the most important factor to gaining a new client because this how they will connect with you.

Make sure your contact information is VERY clear and visible on all your web pages.

Implement this tip for your website and you will be converting a lot more.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

If all you have is a website and your expecting people to see it, you are simply wrong. It’s like throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean and expecting someone to see it.

You MUST invest in Pay Per Click Advertising aka PPC. The most commonly used program for PPC is Google Adwords.

The beauty of pay per click marketing is that you only pay for every time a patient clicks on your ad.

The most common popular alternative is to take an advertisement out in the newspaper.

Remember this is 2018 and that strategy is a huge mistake!

Many advertisements in local papers will cost you upwards of two to ten plus thousand dollars. Which is a huge waste of your money and let me tell you why.

Let’s say you put three grand into a penny saver ad.

Number one with paper ads you will have no way of knowing exactly how effective it is.

With PPC you will know every single time you gain a client from your ads. You will also have detailed analytics that can pin point who your top patients are and what they like to do.

With PPC the enhanced results are transparent as day vs newspaper advertising.

4. Landing Pages

A landing page is a webpage with one purpose, CONVERT!

Remember converting is gaining a phone call, email address or best a new patient.

The focus should be pin pointed on a single topic. For example, if you are a chiropractor this page would only be designed to specifically convert a patient with a specific chiropractic related ailment.

This strategy puts a laser focus on what your message is. When a patient looking for your services ends up on your landing page, they will be much more likely to convert.

Simply because you are taking the guess work out of the equation and your message is clear as tropical waters.

5. Branding

It is very important that your website has branding. Yes, especially for doctors and medical practices.

Branding is essentially making an identity for your medical practice. This is important because people then can identify you and your medical practice from the others.

If you are an eye doctor and have nothing on your website related to optometry, don’t be surprised if patients bounce right off your website.

Also, if you list your name, title, picture and what you do on your website this is called personal branding. This will let your potential patient put a face to the name.

Just by seeing you will make you more relatable then just a line of text.

Being relatable makes you more trustworthy, which equals higher conversions.

6. Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an algorithm set up by Google that defines what results you get when you search. Google on purpose does not disclose all the information on how to 100% fully SEO optimize your website on purpose. Unfortunately, there are a lot of spammers out there who take advantage of the search engine.

The goal for SEO optimizing your site is to be ranked on the first page. Not just that but to ranked within the first three links is key. Most people don’t look past that let alone the second page.

The key to having a proper SEO optimized site is that is user friendly, responsive to the mobile phone and relevant to your topic. Google’s algorithm can rank the higher quality links first. So, make sure that your site is SEO optimized. If you don’t know how, give us a call (516) 531-3870.

7. Blogging

Blogging is important if you want to draw in new patients on a regular basis to your website.

The important factors of blogging are if you are going to write, make sure it is of VALUE or don’t write at all. If it is just a bunch of words with no real value people won’t read it.

Each blog that you write must be at least 700 words or more. Short blogs are often seen as less valuable then longer blogs because search engines tend to rank them higher.

Your blogging content MUST be relevant to your medical practice.

If you are a podiatrist and you are blogging constantly about coffee mugs you will only attract people to your site who like coffee mugs.

Make sure that how every often you post your blogs to do it at a consistent rate. Google takes notice of this and prefers fresh new content produced at a predictable rate.

The last note for blogs is to make sure you send it out to other people who may appreciate it. Perhaps they will share your valuable content on their site *hint *hint.

If your blog is linked on another relevant blog or website this is called a back link.

Google will see your site as more authoritative which will increase your SEO rankings!

Captivate and provide your patients with information of value and follow the SEO guidelines your blog will be read more often. Leading to… your guessed it, more conversions!

8. More Content and Resources

If you want VALUE, you MUST deliver VALUE!

Your content needs to be valuable to the potential patients on your website. If they don’t find it valuable they simply won’t stay on your medical site.

If you are delivering value to your website visitors, they will want to come back for more.

This is just like anything else, if they like it, they will come back. Or even better, they will convert into becoming your patient!

9. Social Media Marketing

You might say, I am a doctor why would anyone want to follow me on Facebook or Twitter?

You bring up a good point although there is tremendous value to having social media accounts for your medical practice.

This will increase your web presence online.

The main reason for this advice is it will give you an opportunity to leave a high authority back link. Which is great for your SEO. To do to this simply add your website address in the about section on your social media accounts.

To clarify what a back link is, it is whenever referring domain is linking to your website. This will only matter if the back link is coming from a relevant referring domain.

10. Let Your Patients Book Appointments 24/7

Why stop making money when you close your doors?

Hire a 24/7 Appointment Assistant so you can maximize your revenue and client base potential.

We offer a variety of plans for this high value service here


Thank you for reading this post as your just absorbed a lot of knowledge. I would write down some of the most important tips or techniques you learned from this post. Also, we are here to help! Leave us a comment and I 100% guarantee you that you will receive a response.

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