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Top 10 Tips for your Medical Practice

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

Do you want more patients and to increase your revenue?

If you don’t read this blog post fully you will being losing out on thousands of dollars & 100's of hours worth of vital information. Or you can choose to spend thousands of dollars and invest 100's of hours of your time to acquire this valuable information?

Glad you made the right choice!

1. You Must have a Website.

Medical Web Sites are essential marketing

tools. They are more important than the business card & potentially just as if not more needed then your clinic’s phone number. A website is a 24/7/365 sales person! If built and marketed right it can be a powerful patient magnet to your medical practice.

If you don’t have a web site, you are pretty much saying no to more patients & money. Most people 35 or younger find their physician from a Google search.

Let me paint you a situation. Doctor A and Doctor B. Doctor A has a website & Doctor B does not. When the patient searches for “Doctor” Doctor A will show up in the Google search, not Doctor B because Doctor B does not have a website.

2. You must have a Mobile Friendly Site

Over 50% of people who use the internet use their mobile phones. It has become common that some house holds don’t even have desktop computer’s anymore because they can get all their computer needs from their cell phone. So when a patient searches and finds your website and its a shrunk down version of your desktop site… This is not a mobile friendly site. If they have to use their fingers to enlarge your website on their phone…… This is not a mobile friendly site.

A mobile friendly site is responsive to both the desktop and mobile devices. Meaning at different dimensions your website adapts for the benefit of the patients user experience.

The main benefit to having a mobile friendly website is patients are 75% more likely to visit your practice if they found it on their phone’s internet and its within 5 miles of their location.

3. Contact Local Attorneys

Do you want to find your patients? Then go where your patients are going. Do you want to find your patients? Then go where your patients are going.

What happens when people get into car accidents or get into an injury in a private venue. They contact their attorneys for legal support, so they can be compensated for their injuries and pains.

Befriend as many injury attorneys as possible. Once you do develop a referral contract with them. You can give them a commission of every referral they send to you. Or if the person who suffered from the car accident comes to you first you can refer them.

If you want to know where the gold is like the people did around 1850. Then the gold is in sitting in the chairs of injury attorney’s offices.

Literally type in your website URL and press submit, prove your not a

4. Access your local Chamber of Commerce

More then likely your practice is local and takes up a geographical area. Get in touch with your local chamber of commerce.

Build connections, attend meetings and use this value resource as much as you can. Therefore, we have chambers of commences to help businesses, and your medical practice is a business.

This can be a price less action to take that can only result in positive outcomes.

5. Use Local SEO

Take advantage of local/geographical search engine optimization. For starts use keywords like: Near by, Near me, Neighborhood, “Name of your town” to even “Name of towns that surround your town.”

The reason for local search engine optimization is because Google is able to know the difference between a normal search and local search.

If you work with businesses, organizations or charities within your neighborhood or surrounding it, be sure to put that into your websites literature. Google’s search engine spiders will read this and understand that your website is based for your local area.

6. Connect with General Practitioners

Connect with general practitioners from family, children to adult. These doctors are often seen as the hub doctor. They are very value connections to have in your marketing efforts.

Develop of a referral contract with them. For example, for every person they send your way you will send them a certain amount of commission.

Also, as mentioned earlier with the attorneys you can also make a deal where you send referrals to them as well.

Overall, the most relevant stakeholders related to your industry are valuable connections to be made.

7. Pay Per Click Marketing

Want your medical practice to show up on the first page of Google instantly? Then pay per click is your best option. Google’s pay per click program is called Google Adwords. This allows you to advertise your medical website based on relevant keywords to your medical practice. The best part about marketing with Google Adwords is that you only pay when some one clicks your ads vs paying an exorbitant amount of money to buy a billboard that has the general population maybe glancing at your ad. With Adwords, you have people who are pre-qualified to your medical practice clicking to your website. The value of this is tremendous.

8. Social Media

You may ask why would I need a Facebook or Twitter if I am a doctor. Why would they follow me?

Number one reason it gives you more credibility. Number two it makes you appear more competent to today's modern world. Number three and most important it is a back link and back links improve your SEO ranking. Don’t know what a back link is?…

9. Clean and Modern Facilities

The first impression you make is the longest lasting and most memorable one. Make your 1st impression your best impression.

Step out of your medical shoes for a few seconds right now and into the ones of a patients. Think what they would think of your practice if they walked into it now.

If your practice is dirty and looks dated how would the patient feel?

You already know the answer.

To make it clearer when you walk into a restaurant you can tell right away if it’s a high-end restaurant or a low end one based on how clean and modern it appears.

This is an actionable strategy that will lead to more patients.

10. Hire a Professional Online Marketing Agency

Your a Doctor, not an online marketer. Delegation is fundamental across all business types including the medical industry. Even if you do have knowledge of web design and an online marketing more than likely you don’t have the time to do it. This is why we highly recommend working with a reliable web marketing agency. One that specializes in the medical industry would be a plus!

May I suggest us We are a medical web design and online marketing company. With over 11 years of experience in the medical industry and a 99% client retention rate, its the obvious choice. Let us work on your medical web site and medical marketing. This way you can focus on your patients and we can focus on getting you new ones!



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